Contributions to Rescue of Orphan Killer Whale A73 (Springer)

The organizations and companies listed below contributed to the NOAA rescue, rehabilitation and return of orphan orca A73 to her pod in Canada. These lists are for information purposes only, and do not indicate endorsement of the organizations, entities, their products, or any commercial enterprise.

Conservation Organizations

American Cetacean Society

Earth Island Institute

Friends of the San Juans

Orca Alliance

Orca Conservancy


People for Puget Sound

Project SeaWolf

Seattle Aquarium

The Whale Museum


Busch Entertainment - Sea World
Veterinary services & laboratory analysis
San Diego, Calif.

Cypress Island Inc.
Logistical support, rescue barge & live salmon
Bainbridge, Wash.

Diametrics Medical, Inc.
Blood Gas Analyzer
St. Paul, Minn.

The Friendly Foam Shop
Foam pad for transportation
Seattle Wash.

Home Depot
Supplies for whale-care pen
Seattle, Wash.

Manson Construction Co.
Barge-mounted crane on transportation day
Seattle, Wash.

Nichols Bros. Boat Builders
High-speed catamaran transport
Freeland, Wash.

Northwest Cascade
Seattle Wash.

Ocean Systems
Underwater monitoring cameras for whale-care pen
Burtonsville, Md.

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium
Transport stretcher
Tacoma, Wash.

Six Flags Marine World
Transport container
Vallejo, Calif.

Underwater Sports
SCUBA tanks for whale-care team
Edmonds, Wash.

West Marine Corp.
Transportation supplies & safety equipment
Seattle, Wash.

Woodland Park Zoo
Blood centrifuges
Seattle, Wash.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Monitoring cameras for whale-care pen
Woods Hole, Mass.