Eulachon are an anadromous forage fish and are endemic to the northeastern Pacific Ocean; they range from northern California to southwest and south-central Alaska and into the southeastern Bering Sea. The southern DPS of eulachon is comprised of fish that spawn in rivers south of the Nass River in British Columbia to, and including, the Mad River in California. Adult eulachon typically spawn at age 2-5 in the lower portions of rivers. Many rivers within the range of eulachon have consistent yearly spawning runs; however, eulachon may appear in other rivers only on an irregular or occasional basis. The spawning migration usually occurs between December and June.

If you have any questions about the recovery planning process or for more information, please contact Robert Anderson, 503-231-2226.

Recovery Planning

FINAL Recovery Plan for the Southern DPS of Eulachon September 2017  

Notice of Intent to Prepare a Recovery Plan for the Southern DPS of Eulachon 78 FR 40104, July 3, 2013 

DRAFT Eulachon Recovery Plan October 20, 2016 

FR Notice October 20, 2016 

Recovery Plan Outline