White Abalone

White Abalone once numbered in the millions off the California coast through much of the 20th century, but their numbers have declined to the point that on  May 29, 2001, they became the first marine invertebrate listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act. NOAA Fisheries determined it is not prudent to designate critical habitat because identification of such habitat is expected to increase the threat of poaching for white abalone. On Oct 27, 2008, a final Recovery Plan for white Abalone was established. Through recovery and conservation efforts, NOAA Fisheries and our many partners are supporting a captive breeding program at the University of California- Davis Bodega Marine Lab. Using Aquaculture techniques, the goal is to produce captive-bred animals that will be used to establish a self-sustaining white abalone population in the wild.

For more information contact the NOAA Fisheries Abalone Recovery Coordinator, Melissa Neuman, at melissa.neuman@noaa.gov or 562.980.4115.