Black Abalone

Black abalone is a  marine intertidal snail occurring along rocky shorelines from Pt. Arena California to Central Baja California, Mexico. The species has experienced major declines in abundance due to historical overfishing, and more recently, mass mortalities associated with a disease known as withering syndrome.  These declines prompted the closure of the commercial and recreational fisheries in 1993.  On January 14, 2009 black abalone was listed as endangered throughout its range.  It is thought that current densities are not high enough to recover the species. NOAA Fisheries recovery planning for black abalone is underway and will be complete in 2014, focusing on ways to forestall or eliminate disease transmission, boost depressed densities, and enhance protection of surviving wild populations.

For more information contact NOAA Fisheries Abalone Recovery Coordinator, Melissa Neuman, at or 562.980.4115