Essential Fish Habitat Conservation Areas

Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) protection measures implement discrete area closures for specific gear types. These closed areas were identified by the Pacific Fishery Management Council and are intended to minimize, to the extent practicable, the adverse effects of fishing on groundfish EFH. There are three types of areas: EFH, HAPC, and EFH Conservation Areas. Only EFH Conservation Areas are closed to specific types of fishing. These areas are defined by latitude and longitude coordinates.

Additional information, including maps and analytical documents can be found on the Groundfish Essential Fish Habitat Page.

NMFS is considering changes to EFH Conservation Areas off Washington, Oregon and California. More information about Amendment 28 to the Groundfish FMP can be found on the WCR Amendment 28 webpage and on the Council’s Amendment 28 webpage.


Current coordinates that define all of the EFH boundary lines are listed in Federal Regulation at 50 CFR 660.75 through 660.79 and are available by clicking on the appropriate links below:

660.75 - EFH  
660.76 - EFH Conservation Areas  
660.77 - EFH Conservation Areas off the coast of Washington
660.78 - EFH conservation Areas off the coast of Oregon
660.79 - EFH Conservation Areas off the coast of California

GIS and CSV Formatted Data:

Data points for latitude and longitude coordinates are available in additional formats. Please review the Read Me PDF Formatted Document (10KB) before downloading these files.

Shapefiles (WinZip File 2.4 MB)
CSV Format- EFH designation (CSV File 17KB)
CSV Format-EFH Conservation Areas (CSV File 46KB)