Contacts for the Trawl Catch Share Program

For additional information on the catch share program, please call NOAA Fisheries Office of Sustainable Fisheries, Groundfish and Coastal Pelagic Species Program at 206.526.6140. Specific questions can be directed to the contacts below.

Catch Monitor Program

Call the Catch Monitor Program Coordinator at 503.595.3282


To make or change a declaration call 888.585.5518

Economic Data Collection

Call 866.791.3726

E-Fish Tickets

Call the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission at 503.595.3100


Call 206.526.6133 for the Northwest Division or 562.982.4050 for the Southwest Division

First Receiver Site Licenses, QS Permits and Accounts, Vessel Accounts

Call 206.526.4353, fax 206.526.4461, or visit NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region Groundfish Permits Office

Observer Program

Call 206.302.1777

Policy & Regulations

Call the Groundfish and Coastal Pelagic Species Program at 206.526.6140 or fax 206.526.6736

Report Violations

Call 800.853.1964 for NOAA Fisheries National Enforcement Hotline

Vessel Monitoring System

Call 206.526.6133 to reach the Northwest Division of the Office of Law Enforcement