Aquaculture on the West Coast

Aquaculture contributes to sustainable seafood, working waterfronts, and restoration and enhancement of marine species. NOAA has a multi-faceted role in aquaculture, from supporting science and research to federal policy-making and regulation. NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region works closely with regional tribes, the states of Washington, Oregon and California, the aquaculture industry and non-governmental organizations, to improve and expand opportunities to grow marine products, such as fish, shellfish, and algae, locally. We also work with our partners to responsibly restore populations of native Olympia oysters, pinto abalone, and Pacific salmon.

Aquaculture can be used for many purposes. Commercial aquaculture is the propagation, or rearing, of aquatic organisms for commercial purposes, such as human consumption. In general, restoration aquaculture is used to increase numbers in populations at low levels; while enhancement aquaculture is used to increase numbers to support commercial or recreational harvest.

For more information on aquaculture in the West Coast Region, contact our Aquaculture Coordinators:

Washington & Oregon: Scott Anderson,
California: Diane Windham,